Most of the CacheFlow's advanced parameters have to be done by creating a text file which will be loaded from a webserver via a http connection (many parameters can't be done in command line mode).

To block spoofing from foreign users, you have to add some few commands to the filters:

In the filters config text file, you have to ADD:
define acl myusers
end acl myusers
ALL acl=!myusers service=no cache=no
with the network address
(ie : for the C class to
Then, you have to load this file in your CacheFlow:
- upload it on a webserver so your CacheFlow can access it
- go to your CacheFlow's admin webpage
- In Maintenance -> Filters, enter the URL of the filter text file ("Local file" field)
- click "Install"

The CacheFlow will download and install the new filter file, which will REPLACE the old one (the original will be erased, so you must ADD those ACL to your original filter already in place).

Maintenance Panel

by David Nguyen - H.R.Net (France)
translated by Philippe